23 Side Hustles To Pay All Your Bills

Side Hustles Palooza

You need side hustles but don’t know where to start? Low capital? Have no skill, some skill? Comprehensive list below of what you need to know about making thousands of dollars in your spare time. Now you don’t have an excuse of what to do.

1.  Start Mowing Yards

Seriously, you can make THOUSANDS of dollars in no time doing this over the summer. I’m talking quick cash that you can use to pay rent, go on vacations wherever you want. Find 10 people you can cut their yards in your neighborhood is easy easy easy. Everyone loves a neighbor who’s trying to better themselves. $30 a lawn 4 times a month. $120 x 10 is $1200 extra dollars a month. A regular yard usually takes around 30 minutes once you get the hang of it. That’s a $60/hr pay scale. I paid for the majority of my college education this way. You gotta give it a try.

2.  Home Window Cleaning

This goes hand in hand with yard service so you can do both at the same time! Charging to clean someone’s windows is pretty straight forward. Charge by the window or by the house it’s up to you. The cool thing about this is it takes almost zero capital to get started. you need glass cleaner and paper towels. Just make SURE you do a great job so you can come back! You can charge between $2-$7 per window. 10 windows $70 almost zero actual effort. Mowing + window cleaning = Big Buck side hustles that go together.

3. Website Design

It’s slightly technical, but there’s plenty of information to get out there and make a great looking one! I’ve actually built three websites for clients that look quite amazing. Just starting out you should be able to charge $50/hr! Once you have a few under your belt the price you command steadily rises, up until you hit the $500/hr range once you have a few dozen under your belt. Need I say more?

4. Vending Machines

This may seem crazy in today’s age, but a well placed vending machine can make you hundreds of dollars with little to no effort. The beverage company will even come fill it up for you. Crazy? Outlandish? So Retro it works? Completely.

5. Tutor

Becoming a Tutor has multiple rewards. One, you can make $20-$60 an hour. Another is your helping someone better themselves which is infinitely rewarding. Have a college degree? Ask around, there are thousands of people trying to learn english, struggling in math, and what have you. Which means there are thousands of opportunities for your side hustles. A colleague paid for her D1 College tuition doing this. It’s quick, simple, you set your hours, and can be done at any time!

6. Teach A Fitness Class

My sister happens to own a personal fitness studio. Know how she got started? I’m about to tell you, it was teaching a kickboxing dance class in our small town at nights. She ended up loving it, continued doing it through college teaching tons of different classes, becoming a personal trainer and is now following her dreams!

If you like to stay fit and enjoy helping others why not combine both? The KEY (Major key alert?) is to do group classes. Individuals you can charge $30-$70 an hour. Sure that sounds great but charging 15 people $20 works out way better. That’s $300! For one hour! Way better than making 40 per and having to teach for 7 hours! It is very easy to get certified these days online. A literal example of turning a side hustle into a career.

7. *insert cool guitar sounds* Music

I was at a crawfish boil. Enter John Doe, the guitar tutor, $40 an hour and has 50 students. He’s doing quite well for himself. Teaching someone an instrument is a great way to make extra money while having flexible hours. You don’t have to be an expert to teach someone the basics! Plus it will help you get that old guitar or xylophone out and sharpen your skills up too. Everyone loves a musically talented person too.

8. Social Marketing

THIS IS A GOLD MINE!!!!!! Old people don’t know how to use the internet let alone create a market plan to dominate the web. Young people use it for leisure and haven’t really taken control. The internet is the WILD WEST. Go out there and grab as much land as you can. We are talking unlimited money-making potential. You can charge your clients who are small businesses who have a marketing budget $1000-$3000 a month each to do this for them. GET AFTER IT!

This is one of the side hustles that is technical but once you get your feet under you its a great way to reach out and make money.

9. Etsy

Ebay is outdated, wrong. Etsy is where it is at, correct. Start a page sell whatever you want. It’s easy to do and also a wonderful community. Old books, handmade bracelets, I’ve even seen a successful wallpaper business. Alternative business idea but great.

10. Reffing

Did I spell that right? Your local Rec league is always in need of people to officiate. $10 a game adds up and you get to meet a bunch of people in your area!

11. Error in Grammar Corrector (proofread)

Proofreading is amazing and great. Everyone should have someone double checking for them. College, High school, or a big project at work. People pay big bucks for someone to make sure they don’t look like an idiot in permanent ink. A lot of bloggers once they gain traction hire a proofreader. Their family can only take so much of their wonderful writing.

12. Podcast

So many people don’t have enough time to read or just don’t want to. Podcasting is literally blowing up and is a wonderful way to express yourself and your expertise. Plus its great for people who like to TALK! Selling add space at the front and end of the podcast is just like radio. Once you get big people will start to listen en masse which means huge advertising dollars. Even just starting out you can get smaller $$ but its really fun and a great creative outlet.

13. Pet Sit

Love puppies and other cute fun animals. Want more of your own but just don’t have the permanent space? Try pet sitting! Hourly or by the day you can make a handful. Plus you get to play with a pup/doggo. It’s a win win for every girl on the planet who needs more side hustles.

14. *snaps picture* Side Hustles meet photography

Have a camera besides the one on your iPhone? Enjoy taking photos at all? Start snapping some photos! A recent craze is fitness photos, so many people want them professionally done. $75-$200 a shoot adds up and quickly. Another GREAT opportunity is photos for real estate. A perfect home can look like a dump on a iPhone. $75 to snap 10 (you charge more for any more than that) photos takes no time at all and you get to see some pretty great homes!

15. Notary

It costs a relatively low amount to get certified, and apparently you still need one! They are often used in real estate contracts and many companies don’t want to hire a notary so contract out! $100 per stamp sure makes things pretty easy!

16. Herbalife/Advocare/Scentsy/Lipsense etc….

Do I think they are great products or terrible ones? It’s debatable, are they pyramids yes, but guess what, you can make a LOT of money doing this. An acquaintance just purchased his Maserati doing this. Doing great in life would be an understatement. Small amounts add up, find something you can be passionate about and get to it!

17. Decorate Someone’s Home

Interior decorating is an insane side hobby that can make you some serious cash. As well as turn it into a real career if it becomes your main income. Start with a plan and get a few under your belt at a reduced rate so you have some photos to add to your portfolio. Then let the networking begin! When you’re designing million dollar homes don’t forget to mention I was your inspiration!

18. Write An Article!

Blogs who have “made it” often can’t keep up with the workload just by themselves. You’ve got to fill that role by writing articles for them and you can certainly make money doing this! Don’t forget about Time magazine, Fox, Cnn, etc. They all have avid readers and need great content!

19. Carpentry

My brother has made some BEAUTIFUL furniture worth a few thousand dollars a piece. The trick is to use high quality woods and make it to last.  It may take a while to sell but if you already make things anyway why not try to sell some of it as well?

20. Uber

Have a newish car and are bored at home? Go Uber, lyft, etc the shit out your boredom until you don’t feel like making money anymore. It’s a great and easy way to pay your car payment, or your rent. Several of my uber drivers have let me know what they make a year doing it part-time. it ranges from $20,000-$40,000 a year depending on how much they drive. None of them drove full-time. Most importantly, taking advantage of surge pricing is key.


No one has any idea what they are doing when it comes to building a résumé. You can make some serious dinero doing this as one of your side hustles. Go post flyers at the local college a few times a semester. Do your homework and then reap the rewards!

22. Cooking

I’m actually pretty great at making some amazing cookies. I’ve made a few hundred dollars selling these to friends for events. If you enjoy cooking start selling them! go to a farmers market or swap meets to build up a clientele. Or just give out some to your friends at a party they may go nuts over it and ask you for some for their next party! $15-$25 a dozen!

23. Rent A Room

I have a beautiful home that’s entirely too big for just me. Was that smart? Not really, but I wanted to build a home in the perfect area for great growth potential. With 3 extra rooms open I decided to reach out to friends and family to see if anyone needed a room. After a year all 3 rooms are now full and they basically pay my mortgage! If you can find someone who’s trustworthy and you know they’ll take care of your stuff it is a GREAT way to make 5 figures passively from just one of your side hustles.

Did I miss a side hustle? Tell me which one! Like an idea above? Let me know why in the comments below!


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