How To Write A Thank You Letter For Your Dream Job

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After my last article on what to do after an interview I received a bit of an influx. Specifically on how to write a thank you letter, even if your handwriting sucks as bad as mine does. Here is the end all be all how to write a thank you letter guide. At least for the next 20 years anyway.

1.  Make Sure Your Greeting Is Perfect

You DO want to spell their name correctly. The quickest way for things to go south is to spell their name as Kylie when it’s really Kyleigh. It shows you couldn’t be forced to care enough to do a quick google search to make sure you have the right spelling.

If you are worried you don’t know how to start a greeting you can ALWAYS go with Dear ___, or To ___, You can never go wrong with these two greetings. So in short make sure you have the right spelling and that you have the appropriate greeting.

2. Say Thank You, It Is A Thank You Letter After All

That is the entire point of sitting down and putting pen to paper. Do not say anything else until you say Thank You. These should be the first two words you write in the body of every thank you note for a job interview. Or in any thank you note ever if you are unsure in your writing.

A great intro you can use, “Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to come in and see what you and 123 company are all about.” You are personalizing it to the interviewer and are also reaffirming the fact that you think the company is wonderful.

Making sure you don’t start talking about yourself and how excited you are for this job is key. By giving credit to the other party you are thanking them for their time. When they could have been doing anything else like eating lunch or going home to their kids on time.

3. Get Detailed

A generic hand written thank you letter is better than nothing and will still get noticed. If you want to really to stand out start putting in details of the interview. “I thought your idea on xyz was incredible and am excited to hear more about it.” Or, “The culture you mentioned really stood out to me, and would be a wonderful place to work!”

Whatever was mentioned during the interview is gold in a thank you letter. Use it to your advantage by reminding them that you were listening and are excited to be a part of the team, idea, culture, etc.

4. Show Your Confidence

At the end of your thank you letter you should make it clear that you look forward/intend to hear from them. This shows confidence and builds a mutual respect. More importantly, that you aren’t wasting their time and that you don’t expect them to waste yours either. “I look forward to hearing back from you on the next step in the process.” Even if they don’t respond, it is a good practice to get into.

5. Thank Them Again

They could have been on their way home eating kolaches on the freeway with the top rolled down. Thank them again for the interview and the opportunity to meet them. No one likes someone who isn’t grateful, and they definitely do not want to work with someone who isn’t either. Make sure you reiterate that you appreciate the opportunity.

6. Ending


Thank you,

Use one of these two farewells to stay professional and show you know how to keep it professional. The last thing you want to write is “of fond memories and days gone by,” Not only is that quite personal, it doesn’t even belong in the business world. Keep to the basics, write the thank you note as soon as possible, and don’t forget stamps!  Write your name underneath and there you have it! You have successfully written a wonderful thank you letter.

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