The Millennial Interview Guide You Need

A Millennial Interview

We’ve all been there, you have an interview for a new job or maybe your first one after college. When do you show up, what do you wear, how long should it last, what did they mean when they said we’ll talk to you soon? Here is your guide to crushing a Millennial Interview!

Timing Is Everything

Make sure you plan on arriving 20 minutes early. This is a no brainer, if you run into traffic or a delay you’ll have bought yourself 20 minutes of honking at the grandma driving 20 mph in a one lane. You’ll still make it on time and you will look professional for making it early.

What happens if you get there 20 minutes early though?! This is a great opportunity to pull up the company’s website in google looking at relevant and noteworthy news. You should have already done this several days ago, but it doesn’t hurt to refresh yourself.

Dress Like You Want The Job

There is no such thing as over dressing when it comes to interviews. A suit is never out-of-place in a professional interview. You always want to look presentable. That means no flip flops, hoodies, or big gulps. I know that shouldn’t have to be said but these days people don’t think. Be a thinker.

Start with making sure you are groomed. Please do not decide to do anything crazy with your hair the day before. If you really want to try something you haven’t before wait until after the interview. Brush your teeth, trim your nails, etc.

The second thing that is critically important, make sure your shoes are well-kept. They don’t have to be out of the box new but they do have to be maintained. A quick buff and shine the night before takes 15 minutes and you’ll get a boost in confidence knowing you are put together from head to toe.

Ask The Tough Questions

Needless to say you are going to do most of the talking in an interview. Come ready for the inevitable question, “Do you have any questions for us?” Most anyone who has a Millennial Interview shouldn’t forget this part of the conversation. Make sure you are ready with questions like, what is your typical day, how often would I be traveling, how would you define the culture here?

Have clear questions that you want to know about the company and the position. Why play the nice guy and get the job then figure out that it’s not the right fit? If you have concerns or to the point questions make sure to ask them!

Say Thank You And Mean It

Saying thank you for the opportunity to come and meet the hiring manager/HR puts you on the starting line. ALWAYS send out a thank you email later that day asking any questions you may have or answers you wanted to quickly clarify as well as thanking them for the opportunity to come in. This lets the interviewer know you are thoughtful and clearly have some interest in the position as well. I have had employers tell me they that don’t reach out to great candidates if they never hear from them again. It takes 5 minutes to write and proofread a professional email so just do it. If you take anything from this Millennial Interview guide make sure it is what you are about to read.

The Written Word Goes A Long Way

So Important! Hand write a Thank You letter. I have the shittiest hand writing in the world and I’ve worked on it diligently to make it better. It still isn’t pretty but it gets the job done and people can read it (finally). I still write letters so you have no excuse not to. This is a HUGE, GIANT, ENORMOUS opportunity for you to shine. No one does this anymore and it is shocking how influential this is. Does it take time, do you have to go out and buy stamps, do you have to trust the mail to deliver a piece of paper you took 15 minutes to write and not get lost? Absolutely, is it worth every penny and second invested? 100% it is!

This isn’t lost on anyone, without fail I have future employers respond to me thanking them for the handwritten letter every time. Swing by your HR at your current work and look around their office. You’ll see pictures of their family on their desk and what will you find up on the shelves? Every Thank You card they have ever received. It will probably be around 2 -7 cards. These people do this for a living and they can always count the number of thank you cards they have received on two hands.

If you could make a profound impression on someone with just 15 minutes of your time and about 60 cents wouldn’t you do it? A well written thank you letter will get you further in life than you’d ever expect.

How Long Should I Wait To Hear Back

1 week? 10-14 days? Should I reach back out to them? A great piece of advice I was told before I went to college was “as long as it takes you to drive back to your house, that’s how long you should wait.” Don’t wait on the employer to call you back because you think its your dream job. Don’t sit around not applying to new jobs because you know you have this golden goose in the bag.

Do start looking for new opportunities. Do start applying for new jobs and going on interviews for them. It is better to have multiple job offers that you can choose from than pinning your hopes to one chance and not getting it.

Wrap up

In short, plan on showing up early, dress better than expected, ask real questions, Say thank you, email thank you, and write thank you. Don’t forget, you never wait on an employer to call you back, get started looking for the next job. That’s how you crush you a Millennial Interview.

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