Why And How Your Boss Is Screwing You

“Go Ahead And Buy It”

From my small amount of experience post college I’ve seen it happen over and over again. It’s the oldest trick in the book to making sure you RUIN your life and stay exactly where you are. Snuggled up at the bottom of the totem pole. Here is exactly how to stay away from a bad boss and make sure you take care of yourself FIRST.

What The Hell Is He Talking About?

My last boss was notorious for doing this to people. Once they got their legs underneath them in the business world and had a path they were starting to follow. He’d call them into his office one by one and ask them what they wanted in life. Some would say a new car as they casually mentioned his new one in the parking garage. Which it was always new, he would buy a $100,000.00 vehicle every year.

Other’s he let wear one of his MANY $50,000+ watches during the meeting. He’d simply slip it off his wrist and say, “Here, why don’t you give this a try?” Having the average family’s annual income sitting on your wrist sure does make you feel good about yourself. So does having a luxury vehicle sitting right next to your boss’s, ALMOST as nice.

What The “Financial Expert” Said

Maybe you’ve had this happen to you. Maybe you’ve seen it happen to others you work with or friends. It’s even gotten so bad a friend told me her company hired a “Financial Expert” from an impressive firm to come in and have a talk with them about their financial futures. Sounds great doesn’t it?

The first thing he told them to do? “GO AHEAD AND BUY IT, You’ll never has as much free money as you do right now. Buy the new car, go out and party, buy the fancy dinners every night.” What was his excuse? “Well since you aren’t married, don’t have kids, or a mortgage this is the only time you can spend your money on yourself.”

That is like saying why not spend all your lunch money now, don’t think about the fact you won’t be able to eat lunch for the next 30 years. That Lunch today will be the best you’ll ever have! He’s right, you can make sure it is the best because you won’t be able to afford anything else. Why would anyone do this to their employees?

How To Keep Your Employees 101

Give them casual Friday, maybe let them have a drink too, oh and make sure they are in crippling debt so that they are scared to take new opportunities. Talk to any employer, literally any of them, and ask them whats the number one thing that makes you uncertain that your employee will stay with the company?

Options, they have the ability to look around and say hey, maybe this isn’t for me. They can afford to recognize their passion and take a pay cut to follow it. Or they can get up and move to new state or country simply because they have the ability.

Now how do they make sure Millennials don’t have options? By slowly coaxing them into a more extravagant lifestyle. Boss takes you out to dinner at a place he “frequents” to celebrate your group finishing up its project. It’s expensive and he or she buys, but that wasn’t the point. You like the place and want to be seen where people like your boss hang out. Your Dinner price just quadrupled.

Your friend was foolish enough to be tricked into buying that BMW M3/ Lexus SUV. Whether that be from an employer or just needing to have their “first adult purchase”. Now everyone else thinks HE’S doing better than you?!?!? Old reliable still gets you from point A to point B but just isn’t showing how well you are doing in life. That low tier luxury vehicle will do just the trick. It’s a shame you have to park it on the street since the place you are renting doesn’t have indoor parking. No matter, you’ll show them just how great you are doing!

The Cycle Repeats Itself

Keeping up with your boss financially isn’t possible. Keeping up with your friends isn’t possible because they bring home X and pay out 95% of it every month. You know what is possible?

Setting goals for yourself and making they come true in the future. Finding out that sales in cable packages isn’t for you and becoming a successful writer. Changing from one business field to another because you like the culture and the job more. Being able to retire without having to spend your 40’s and 50’s sacrificing your kids and your own happiness to make sure you can retire like “all of your friends” early. When in reality you would be lucky to retire in your 60’s.

Not every boss does this but more do than should. Make sure you are aware of what’s going on around you so you know a bad situation when it presents itself. The first step towards happiness is making a mental change to make a better future. Below are links to other articles that I’ve written on how to protect yourself from others who want to spend your money. Most importantly though, setting yourself up to follow your dreams.

How To Not Get Trapped By Your Boss

Save money and lots of it

When the time is right, buy a home you can actually afford 

Be a smart consumer when purchasing a vehicle 

How to plan for retirement

Don’t try to keep up with your friends, instead do what you like doing.

Finding Your Passion In Life


Ever had a boss, company, or friend try and spend your hard earned dollars? Let me know below!

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