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Average Millennial

There are going to be a lot of incredible facts listed in this article about our generation. Some good, some pretty bad. All are going to be average millennial related and why if you want to have a successful life and be happy with yourself. You’ll have to be anything but average to do just that.

Your Net Worth

If you are under the age of 29 odds are you have a negative net worth. You can thank student loans and college for being so kind to your 18-year-old self…. Those at the top of the millennial age bracket coming in at 35. Hard to believe anyone in there 20’s has things in common with a 35-year-old! Have just over $20,000 in net worth. that is the average millennial for you currently. Chasing your goal of financial freedom may look pretty bleak if you’re in this situation. A lot of us are burdened down with student loans and credit card from college. Setting up a plan and a budget on how to get out of debt is the first place to start.

You should be aiming for one years salary saved and invested by the age of 30. If you make and save enough to cover one years expenses and invest that you’ll be well on your way to financial freedom.


The average american makes $27,000 a year Says the U.S. Bureau of Statistics.  Here in Texas the average millennial can expect to make $22,000 a year. That is not a lot. This includes people who haven’t gone to college but are in the workforce. 22k a year isn’t much to write home about and odds are you are still living at home anyway. This doesn’t get much better for those who did go to college. Especially when you include the student loan payments they are making monthly that cuts into their extra earned income. A $350 a month payment adds up to an extra $5,600 in untaxed gross income!

Increasing your income through transitioning to a new job or continuing to make money in your “spare” time goes a long way. Adding $10,000 a year to your income is doable. Renting out a room to a friend in your home. Working a second job part-time or even starting your own business. 10k a year over 30 years invested with conservative returns will leave you with an extra MILLION DOLLARS. That roommate starts to look worth it doesn’t it?


The average man and woman aren’t shaping up, well, to be in much of a shape at all.  Taking care of yourself is important not only for wellness of life but its easier on your checkbook as well. Having a guideline to base yourself on allows you to check if you need have anything to work on.

” After tabulating various costs associated with being overweight or obese, the researchers found that being an obese individual in the U.S. costs $4,879 for women and $2,646 for men each year”

The average man comes in at 5’9 and weighs 200 pounds! Women aren’t fairing much better, with a height of 5’4 and 160 pounds! 37% of americans are obese and almost 70% are overweight.

An extra $2,600-$4,800 goes a long way when you’re not spending it just to keep yourself functionally at the same level you were last year. That is a nice trip to Rome, or covering your expenses for all your friends who are all of a sudden getting married.

I weigh myself every day, it is easy to notice that I have gained a few pounds when I see it actually happening. It’s hard to realize you put on 20 pounds if you aren’t being active about it. It’s like the puppy you get and one day you realize he’s a full-grown dog. Small changes daily don’t really shine until they have accumulated into something greater. This works both ways so staying active and healthy can pay off big positive dividends too!

Where To Start

You don’t have to conquer yourself and the world in one day and no one expects you to. Tired of how much you make? Start looking for new jobs or start looking for ways to make your qualifications better. Those who help themselves are the people everyone else calls “lucky”.

What if you’ve gained a few pounds since high school? It took years to put on its not going to come off over night. But by cutting out sugar or adding in a quick 20 to 30 minutes of activity a day it’ll start to come off! Everyone thinks you have to go spend 2 hours in the gym every day to get back to a normal. When in reality just cleaning up your diet will allow you to start losing weight immediately.

We have the power to stay the same or completely reinvent ourselves when we feel like it. Today, tomorrow, or never its up to you to decided if average is what you want to be.


How do you compare to the average millennial? Making more, working on changing? Tell us how in the comment section below!



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